Event Art Souterrain Festival 2020 – Call for projects


Art Souterrain Festival showcases each year international contemporary art institutions, artists, and the architectural and cultural heritage of downtown Montreal’s underground city. As a unique contemporary art festival in North America, Art Souterrain aims to make art accessible to a wider audience by taking it out of it’s traditional exhibition spaces.

Call for projects

  • Read the Call for projects carefully and fill out both forms online to apply.
  • The application deadline is June 30, 2019.
  • For your application, you will need : a short biography, a description of the work, a portrait of the artist and photos of the work.
  • Artists are invited to submit multiple projects.

Call for projects 2020

Many of you responded to the call for projects. Thank you for your interest in the Festival!

For any questions contact us at candidature@artsouterrain.com

Current and upcoming activities/exhibitions



Every year, the Art Souterrain Festival choses a meaningful theme able to challenge our visitors, echo current international events and inspire artists. In 2020, the theme “Reset” has been chosen.

“What if you could, by the press of a button erase everything, what would you do with this blank canvas? If you could start from nothing how would you imagine the world?”

Humanity is at a turning point. Should we persist in our habits or become aware of our repetitive way of life in order to rebuild from the ground up. Shaking up our routine and changing our habits can cause intense moments of insecurity. This can lead to painful reassessments and a loss of our points of reference.

The climatic, economic and political upheavals are on the front page of our news feeds. Individually and collectively, if they want to survive, human beings need to change their way of connecting with the world but also with each other.

“Is Manichaeism the only solution? Should we only think in terms of utopia and dystopia in order to discover new avenues?”



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Support our action

A permanent team works on the festival and the various projects every year and we offer internships and volunteering on different missions to help us in our mandate.