Art en entreprise

Art in business is an innovative approach that aims to strengthen team spirit through contemporary art and to distinguish you with employees and customers.

Whether you want to optimize the satisfaction, motivation and loyalty of your team, or whether you are looking for original corporate events, holding a cocktail party in the gallery is an ideal way to highlight the DNA of your company while discovering the fascinating world of art.



Identify galleries and artists that spark the interest of your employees and customers.


From the first meeting to analyze your needs to the assessment following the event.


All you have to do is validate the choice of the place and the date of the evening.


For Your Business

Nowadays, improving the quality of life also requires a stimulating work environment. Employees value the benefits offered as much as the opportunities for personal growth in their workplace.

An ideal way to facilitate exchanges within your teams, holding a cocktail party in an art gallery can:

  • Accentuate a sense of belonging among your clients and colleagues
  • Create a moment of well-being and conviviality.
  • Federate a team around a common project.
  • Promote communication within teams.
  • Develop creativity.
Art en entreprise
Une jeune femme regarde une œuvre exposée dans le cadre d'Art en entreprise

Artworks by Manuel Mathieu


For more details, contact Frédéric Loury, project manager for Art en entreprise:

Past exhibitions

Janna Yotte - Never been seen

Ubisoft MTL

Janna Yotte

Nov. 2019 - Jan. 2020

Alex Coma - Univers archétypique

Ubisoft MTL

Alex Coma

Oct. - Nov. 2019

Art en entreprise - Espace Ubisoft - Thierry du Bois

Ubisoft MTL

Thierry du Bois

Aug. - Oct. 2019

Jean Labourdette - Theatrum Mundi - Art en entreprise

Ubisoft MTL

Jean Labourdette

June - Aug. 2019

Dominique Pétrin - Mandala

Ubisoft MTL

Dominique Pétrin

March - April 2019