Activity Le petit du grand déclin


The artwork

Le petit du grand déclin

Installation and performance

Le petit du grand déclin is a performance art installation offering the viewer the opportunity of dropping a token — a thought, a drawing, an autograph — into the Piscine aux Mots Périssables as proof that they were there and to add their personal touch, but without expecting anything in return — no fireworks, no stunts. To act out of pure pleasure. Aimlessly.

Stay and contemplate this installation just for a minute — or one hour — and let yourself shamelessly become bored.

This performance invites you to stop and appreciate emptiness. Relearn to love idleness and sparseness so as to re-engage with being unproductive.

Thank you for making space in order to recreate space.

Thank you for loitering on a daily basis.

Curator : Art Souterrain

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Art Souterrain
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