Activity Vernissage : Luis Canseco


You are invited to come celebrate with us the opening of the exhibition dedicated to the artist Luis Canseco at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Montreal, curated by Dulce Pinzón and presented as part of the 2020 edition of the Art Souterrain Festival. The artist views art as ritual and uses drawing as the foundation of his musings. Luis Canseco’s work explores legacy, foundation and raw materials. His native country, Mexico, and region, Oaxaca, are present in his work which utilizes various materials as universal points of reference: earth, mountain, volcano, mines, graphite (an omnipresent material in this region). He embarks on a journey that begins in a utilitarian and practical dimension, presenting industrial objects and removing them from their original manufacturing context. Later, he submits the idea that all objects, actions or products, whether they are created through a natural or human-made process, can take on an esthetic function. The artist goes further by asking himself in what way esthetic phenomena and the artistic endeavour are different.

Luis Canseco frames and poeticizes the traces left by human beings in opposition to the natural. The aim is the generation of ideas, within a single space, to show how the artistic appropriation of a material can lead to an awareness and appreciation of what the world was like in the beginning. We are makers, but in the end, we will return to the primary materials of earth and stone.

His show, Matière première – RESET, will run from the 5th of March to May.


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