Activity Transgresser l’ordre chromatique


Performance of the artist during the networking evening at Observatoire Place Ville Marie

The artwork

Transgresser l’ordre chromatique

Installation and performance

Mehryl Levisse lives in a very personal, very colourful world; patterns are ubiquitous, and the beings there do not have bodies like ours. They wear masks, are gender-neutral and live in perfect harmony — or duality — within the private sphere.

What if we reset our own world, from capitalism to the codes that regulate who we are, how we dress and how we interact?

Reset, so that my universe becomes the “norm” and takes over what is real, what is everyday and what is public.

In this new reinitialized world, colourful, ornamental and decorative designs are incorporated into the public sphere. Walls are covered in paper and fabric of various hues. To top all it off, characters in extravagant and extraordinary costumes stroll amongst the visitors.

Curator: Art Souterrain

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