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The role of mediators is to present, in both French and English, the artworks exhibited in the city’s underground for the duration of the festival. Acting as true bridges between art and the public, they invite visitors to discover the works and foster an understanding of the artistic process.

Every Sunday this year, an artist will attend the mediation sessions held in the underground to chat with the public and participate in the guided tours.

Les Nivaux will join the session from 1PM to 4PM

Artistic approach

It is urgent ! It is urgent to disable the runaway earth, to slow down and suspend time to think about the future, a new life, a new world, a new ecology, a new economy, a new way of work, of living together, and take control of your life. That’s why, the artists imagined a re-appropriation of the famous red mushroom button STOP EMERGENCY. So large that it takes a vast part in public space, that you had to sit on, alone or all together, to climb on it to proclaim a message, and press it to say STOP, to rest, talk and refect on a possible RESET.

Les Nivaux ask the public to an engagement both physical and digital. Physical by stopping and sitting down. Digital by sharing a message, a photo, a video on social networks with #stopurgence. «Stop what, who? Talk about and share a photo of you on the button, or just the button. What is the emergency or Your emergency, according you?» And if this button was connected? And if this button initiated a #STOPURGENCE movement?


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