Jacqueline van de Geer

Montréal, Canada


Jacqueline van de Geer moved to Montreal in 2005.

Her home city, Rotterdam, twice devastated by bombings, was left scarred by the Second World War. Growing up in a city under reconstruction taught her so much about making the most out of the very little that was on hand.

Her work is inspired in part by daily life, Dada and her personal memories.

Since having received her Canadian immigration status, she has developed performance pieces during which spectators are invited to participate in the work.

About the artwork

Mixing performance art with experimental theatre and always working intuitively, Jacqueline van de Geer’s non-linear storytelling is infused with dark humour, absurdity and irony. Slipping seamlessly between these varying modes, the result is an evocative hybrid form coming from a uniquely refreshing voice.

As such, developing strong connections with viewers is elemental: her performances offer the opportunity for many to become active participants, with these spontaneous exchanges becoming an integral part of her pieces. Intimacy and surprise then surface as key components in her work, facets that irresistibly draw her audiences in.

Artist's artworks and activities

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