Thomas Vaquié


Musician and composer Thomas Vaquié dedicates most of his time composing music and sound design for moving images.

Over the last few years he specialized in music experimentation for audiovisual work for visual artists like Yannick Jacquet, Olivier Ratsi, Joanie Lemercier, Romain Tardy, Visual System collective, Tigrelab…

He has composed music for site-specific pieces as well as immersive audiovisual installations, from Montreal Old Port to South Korea’s new city, France’s Centre Pompidou Metz and The Atomium in Brussels.

With a strong sense of composition and narrative, sound designer skills and a capacity to project an image sonically, Thomas produces striking, emotional and physical pieces, consistently trying to extend visual experiences into physical ones.

In 2018, with Laurent Delforge and Simon Thierée, he founded the music composer collective NONE.

About the artwork

Vous êtes les bienvenus kindly welcomes you along his reflection path.

It is proposing for a fair, enlightened, sincere, upright, courageous, frank and virtuous future.

Vous êtes les bienvenus is a sound installation consisting of speakers with motion detectors.

Arranged in this corridor, the detectors trigger a sound when a person passes.

The public is welcomed and cheered in its crossing by a succession of caring words and sentences pronounced by a hostess, inviting him to consider the end of the corridor as some kind of a reward for the road travelled.

The voice is developed in such a way as to intrigue the visitor as to his “humanity”, bathing the space in a sweet harmony from which a friendly but perhaps strange optimism emerges.

Artist's artworks and activities

Vous êtes les bienvenus