Activity Vous êtes les bienvenus


The artwork

Vous êtes les bienvenus

Sound installation, 2020

Vous êtes les bienvenus kindly welcomes you along his reflection path.

It is proposing for a fair, enlightened, sincere, upright, courageous, frank and virtuous future.

Vous êtes les bienvenus is a sound installation consisting of speakers with motion detectors.

Arranged in this corridor, the detectors trigger a sound when a person passes.

The public is welcomed and cheered in its crossing by a succession of caring words and sentences pronounced by a hostess, inviting him to consider the end of the corridor as some kind of a reward for the road travelled.

The voice is developed in such a way as to intrigue the visitor as to his “humanity”, bathing the space in a sweet harmony from which a friendly but perhaps strange optimism emerges.

Curator : Juliette Bibasse

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