Martin Le Chevallier

Rennes, France



Martin Le Chevallier lives and works in France. Born in May 1968, he is now an artist, director and sometimes curator. He has often exhibited in France and abroad. His work consists of films, displacement or contextual interventions. He is particularly interested in the integration of art in public spaces.

About the artwork


Prochaine performance : demain (Next Performance: Tomorrow) (2021), is a small sign on the ground that reads: “next performance: tomorrow”. Will there be a performance tomorrow? Maybe… To find out, you have to come back the next day and see that the sign is still there, unchanged. Because, indeed, nothing will ever happen. No performance. Everyday, the sign stubbornly  repeats its promise without keeping it. But it doesn’t lie: it always appears the day before the expected day…

Artist's artworks and activities