Martin Le Chevallier

Rennes, France


Born in May 1968, Martin Le Chevallier is an artist, filmmaker and sometimes curator. He lives and works in France. He has also frequently exhibited in his own country and internationally. 

His artworks are created using films, appropriations and contextual interventions. 

He is particularly interested in the place of art in the public sphere.

Artistic approach

Three recycling bins. A trio of everyday objects whose function has been oddly subverted.
This is not an opportunity for visitors to throw away their papers, wrappers and trash, but is instead an invitation to discard their keys, passport or spare change. This paradoxical invitation brings into question three cornerstones of our society:
property, borders and money. If we got rid of these objects, we would be freeing ourselves of a significant part of what structures our lives.
And why not?

Artist's artworks and activities