Paris, France


SUZANNE is a performance and dance company created in October 2017 after the “Nuit Blanche” in Paris by four artists Lorenz Jack Chaillat-Cavaillé, Julien Chaudet, Julien Deransy et Eurydice Gougeon-Marine. SUZANNE is the fictional character required to embody ideas, identities and statuses to create a composed and sober choreographic style. She’s looking for opposing this demand to the improvisation of dancers, their physical and psychological limits, through their singularities, from elegance to fatigue and indiscernible beauty.

About the artwork

« STATU » is a living and performative installation of an algorithmic simulation applied to a daily life gesture’s alphabet, and tends to assess human beings and their capacity of success, failure and “bug”.

Internet browsers, social media, stock markets, video games, downloading platforms, apps of all kind… The digital world is today partly ran by algorithms, i.e sets of automated operatoring rules. Used in a computing context, this calculation method becomes an extension of human logic through which choices and decisions are eased or even predetermined, leaving no space for chance or the unexpected. However, if the performance of algorithmic programs far exceeds that of humans in terms of speed and reliability, their execution follows a very human-like data processing protocol. SUZANNE addresses the differences opposing human beings, with their physical and mental limitations, to this human-made technological system that claims to be perfect and infallible which he created himself.

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