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Internet search engines, social media, financial markets, video games, downloading and streaming platforms… Today, the digital world is governed by algorithms, composed of automated operating rules.

These computerized mechanisms have become an extension of human logic, facilitating choices and decision-making to the extent that they are predetermined and leave no room for chance and randomness.

However, if these algorithmic programs perform far above human capabilities — when it comes to the speed and accuracy of the calculations — their implementation follows an all too human information processing protocol.

SUZANNE is interested in examining the contrasts that oppose Man: what are this man-made technological system’s physical and mental limits considering that it strives to be perfect and infallible?

STATU is a living performative installation featuring an algorithm simulation applied to an alphabet comprised of everyday movements with the aim of evaluating Man and his ability to both succeed and suffer glitches.

Curator: Art Souterrain

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Art Souterrain
10 rue King,  H3C 2N9, Montréal, Québec



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