Myriam El Haïk

Rabat, Maroc


Myriam El Haïk is a Franco-Moroccan artist born at Rabat in 1973. She is a visual artist, composer and performer.

Her creative language is based on the repetition and combination of simple designs or actions. 

The act of writing and play are central to her approach. Deconstructing and subverting conventions, she loves to set her own rules when it comes to creating her pieces. 

Active in Berlin, Paris and Rabat, she has benefited from numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe and Morocco. Additionally, she has participated in several international fairs and festivals.

About the artwork

Ecritures 0,00… is a minimalist wall-drawing. 

The artist indefatigably and repeatedly writes an invented sign from right to left. If the direction of the writing is that of the Arabic language, the symbol itself is meaningless. Despite resembling a letter from the Arabic alphabet or a figure, the number is neither signifier nor signified.

The posture the body takes while working, the repeated gestures, the sign’s character as well as the drawing’s visual structures encourage the viewer to reconsider their certainties and clear their mind of their own representations. 

What meaning do we assign to what is meaningless and how can we invent what has meaning?

Artist's artworks and activities

Écriture 0:00…