Luis Canseco

Oaxaca, Mexico

About the artwork

The works that are part of the Raw Material project will be produced in situ by the artist Luis Canseco. Canseco undertakes a journey that begins within the scope of the practical-utilitarian dimension of a series of industrial objects extracted from its original manufacturing contexts. Appealing to the idea that any object and any action, product of either a natural process or a human activity, can become an aesthetic function, the artist goes one step further to the place where he wonders what differentiates the phenomenon Aesthetic of the work of art. It is right there where from the intervention and fusion of these pieces with other materials such as graphite and objects from territorial environments (stones, plastic, metal etc), Canseco not only manages to potentiate its aesthetic function, but also to open conditions of possibility for the opening and exploration of the artistic territory by printing on them qualities derived from their own sensitivity.

Artist's artworks and activities

Vernissage : Luis Canseco

Workshop/Experimental Drawing with artist Luis Canseco