Jean-Jacques Ader

Toulouse, France


Born in the city of Toulouse, France, Jean-Jacques Ader is both a photographer and an independent author since 2002.

A graduate of the École nationale supérieure de photographie d’Arles as well as of the isdaT of Toulouse, he also completed studies at the École professionnelle d’audiovisuel de Toulouse (ETPA Toulouse) in addition to a CAP in photography. Recipient of a DRAC scholarship in 2012 and in 2017, he was also awarded the AFDAS-ENSP prize at Arles in 2018.

Today, he is active in the cultural scene through his participation in the designing and mounting of exhibitions and photo-books, all while continuing his work as a writer and columnist for the magazine L’Œil de la photographie and

About the artwork

In a consumer society, which rarely learns from its mistakes, Jean-Jacques Ader imagines, anachronistically, a brilliant future.

Human beings have finally realized what a dead end the accumulation of personal possessions is. In this new Eden, nature has regained the upper hand; industrial zones and superstores are but distant memories. Their logos and brands are now meaningless. A man awakens in the year 2045 to an unrecognizable world! From now on, there are only fields and flowers…

Artist's artworks and activities

Zones naturelles