Gab More

Montreal, Canada


Gab More is a painter and multidisciplinary artist from Trois-Rivières, recently established in Montreal.

After briefly studying administration, he completed a pre-university program in visual arts before beginning a bachelor of fine arts in “Studio Arts” at Concordia University.

In just one year of study in Montreal, his work has been noticed in four group events, through three galleries. He also participated in the intercollegial of art in 2018 and won the Art Ici competition from Newad in 2017.

About the artwork

This installation changes our vision of painting as a medium for works of art.

This is how she proposes a reset on the approach of the medium of painting to not represent objects, but to physically materialize what it represents. The painting is camouflaged as the object from which it takes shape in order to offer a direct confrontation to its viewer.

For this, the artist chose to materialize five characters, geometrically deconstructed, which take the form of metal signboards, mounted on real posts and real bases.

Artist's artworks and activities

One cone Army