Alice Blanchet-Gavouyère

Montréal, Canada


Alice Blanchet-Gavouyère has been presenting minimalist choreographic works since 2016.
She sets the interpreter’s sensitivity at the heart of choreographic language and questions the disconnection and mystification of contemporary political discourse. Her works are presented by the UQAM, Tagente and SOIR, among others. She is currently pursuing her artistic inquiries within the esthetic context of familiar and everyday environments.

About the artwork

Le petit du grand déclin is a performance art installation offering the viewer the opportunity of dropping a token — a thought, a drawing, an autograph — into the Piscine aux Mots Périssables as proof that they were there and to add their personal touch, but without expecting anything in return — no fireworks, no stunts. To act out of pure pleasure. Aimlessly. Stay and contemplate this installation just for a minute — or one hour — and let yourself shamelessly become bored.
This performance invites you to stop and appreciate emptiness. Relearn to love idleness and sparseness so as to re-engage with being unproductive.

Thank you for making space in order to recreate space.
Thank you for loitering on a daily basis.

Artist's artworks and activities

Le petit du grand déclin