Sara Létourneau

Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Canada


A multidisciplinary artist from Saguenay, Sara Létourneau is active in the fields of the visual arts, music, video, performance art and theatre. 

Her recent work explores how music and performance may potentially be connected, often through video or on the stage. 

She is also interested in the ritualization of movement as an expression of a unique way of living in the world. 

Her pieces have been presented at many major festivals as well as in artist-run spaces, galleries, performance venues and theatres across Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia. 

About the artwork

Flumina, plural form of flumen: Latin for flow, current, river. 

Flumina explores the relationship between the moving body of the woman artist and three great rivers located to the north of Lac-Saint-Jean: the Péribonka, the Mistassini and the Ashuapmushuan.

Face with an environment on the brink of collapse, should we not reconsider how we relate to the world? Are our constant digital connections removing us from the natural systems that have always supported us? Is it not time for us to re-evaluate the domination of capitalism and patriarchy before they lead us to extinction?

In this video, Sara Létourneau uses ritualized movement, in relation to the environment, and takes on the persona of the witch as an ecofeminist archetype. Indeed, the witch is a significant figure, embodying both rebellion and victimization within patriarchy as well as evolving in symbiosis with the forces of nature.  

We are invited to return to the beginning through the reversal of the timing of the images and sounds. The resulting environment is strange, magical and a beautiful homage to the grandeur and importance of streams and rivers.

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