Sandra Lachance


A photographer, Sandra Lachance holds, among others, a Master in Fine Arts and Media Arts degree from the Université du Québec à Montréal.

Active on both the national and international artistic scene since the early 2000s, she has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions. These are for her renewed opportunities to delve deeper into the questions that preoccupy her. Her artistic practice is focused on two main themes: daily life and social settings.

About the artwork

Sandra Lachance’s ambition is to connect art with our everyday lives which she scrutinizes as would a journalist or an anthropologist to reveal their beauty and authenticity.

To achieve this, she develops explorative and narrative systems inside a multiplicity of virtual, functional and urban spaces.

Her artworks, which can be described as “snapshots of society,” bring to the fore different social groups whose members are for the most part “invisible.” By focusing her attention on others, the artist seeks to open up the boundaries between the social classes and burst the bubbles people cocoon themselves with, a form of individualism typical of our time.

Such is the subject of the series of photographs, titled À mon dernier repas, chosen for the 2020 edition of the Art Souterrain Festival, which addresses the emotional and cultural charge inherent in the idea of the last meal.

The initial objective was to explore how the sharing of food is a social ritual essential to an individual’s self-expression, in this case the various actors who took part in this socio-artistic undertaking. It must be said that Lachance’s photos are a de facto invitation to reflect upon our existence and on the world we have inhabited, a retrospective introspection which precedes an eventual reset, allowing us to relive our past life or renew it.

Curator: Lynn Bannon

Artist's artworks and activities

À mon dernier repas