Rubén Martin De Lucas

Madrid, Spain


Born in Madrid, Spain, in 1977, Rubén Martin De Lucas has a civil engineering diploma. Following his graduation, he fully dedicated himself to art. 

He is likewise one of the five co-founders of Boamistura, a multidisciplinary urban art collective as a member of which he has worked around the world. 

In January 2015, he embarked on his solo career by focusing of “the landscape and its associated behaviours.” 

His projects have evolved from paintings to more conceptual processes. His artistic practice has broadened to include photography, video and actions within the landscape. One of his main preoccupations is humanity’s relationship to the land.

About the artwork

“PAR LA NATURE ÉPHÉMÈRE ET ARTIFICIELLE DES FRONTIÈRES ET PAR L’INCAPACITÉ DE L’HUMANITÉ À VIVRE SANS ELLES.” (“Through the artificial and ephemeral nature of borders and through humanity’s inability to function without them.”)

By a simple action inside the landscape: 

  • Take ownership of 100 square meters
  • Delineate a border 
  • Inhabit that territory for one day

The artist creates a series of absurd micronations that invite us to reflect on the nature of borders and the very concept of the nation. 

The artwork République, whose limits comply with the artificial criterion of geometry, ever only exists for 24 hours at a time and has only one inhabitant: the artist himself.

This series is part of STUPID BORDERS, a collection of conceptual projects that question the idea of the “nation” and emphasize Man’s strange sense of ownership over the Earth.

Artist's artworks and activities

Minimal Republics