Maxime Loiseau


The idea of the lens as both the source and the revealer of truth is the cornerstone of Maxime Loiseau’s artistic process. 

From the outset of his career, this photographer (a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate from Concordia University) has realized multiple projects in which the human being is laid bare, unfiltered. His photos are not simply images, they are experiences in themselves. 

The photographer’s lens captures the subject’s soul, with all its vulnerabilities. Maxime Loiseau’s multidisciplinary background allows for a very versatile approach

About the artwork

This is a performance art installation about video games and the players’ social behaviours. 

To better understand this topic, the artist plays a virtual world-building game throughout the whole of Nuit blanche. 

For the purpose if this installation, the lighting is turned down low to evoke a tense and lonely atmosphere. The room is decorated with various geek culture objects and posters, and the ground is littered with trash. The trash piles grow as the performance goes on.  

Submerged by this mound, all this garbage becomes a metaphor for our consumer society, an aspect of the world the player manages to escape during his long hours of play. 

Artist's artworks and activities

Bac à sable