Mathieu Latulippe

Montreal, Canada


Mathieu Latulippe lives and works in Montreal.

His work has been presented in Canada and abroad, notably at the Montreal International Festival of Films on Art, La Manif d’Art de Québec 4, the Darling Foundry, the Galerie B-312, OPTICA, at the 2011 Triennale of the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art.

He has been artist in residence, among others, at Among other things in Turkey, at art3 in Valence, and at CALQ studios-residences in Basel and Seoul. His work is part of many private and public collections. He is the winner of the 2015 Victor-Martyn-Lynch-Stanton prize for the visual arts.

About the artwork

In Démesures et Concessions, the artist Mathieu Latulippe presents an installation composed of large format images, revolving around a central model. These works present fictitious construction projects, amalgamating a wide variety of architectural trends (resilient, spectacular, brutalist, iconic architecture) to recreate the aesthetics of real estate promotion panels. Works by “associated” artists, invited by Latulippe for their common affinities, complete the installation.

Positioning themselves at the interstice of investigation and derision, the artist questions the social dynamics that underlie the visual universe of property development and sale. What are the collective values conveyed there? What societal project do we dangle? Towards what social ideal do we want to strive for? On the flip side of the utopia offered by advertisements and sales outlets of real estate companies, behind the idealized image of perfect and perfectly adapted buildings, are the forces that drive us in the era of globalized capitalism. Whether it is the fear of environmental disaster, the individualistic desire to “save one’s skin”, the dream of “buying a better world” or the desire to dominate the environment.

In the end, the exhibition “Démesures and concessions” summons the public to think about the forms of contemporary living together; through artifice and fantasy, it leads us to reflect on the societal challenges that we must necessarily face. Faced with the often elitist and landlocked worlds offered by smooth advertising images, Mathieu Latulippe and associate creates fertile ground to reflect on our way of living together and inhabiting the world.

Artist's artworks and activities

Opening : Mathieu Latulippe et associé.es

Démesures et Concessions