Margo Majewska


Margo Majewska is an architect who combines narrative techniques with architecture, art and video to create experiences and spaces that are both unique and innovative. 

Initially interested in integrating art into architecture, her professional focus has progressively shifted to art installations. 

Her current work explores the sensory and experiential aspects of space by taking into account not only the user’s well-being and environment, but also their imagination and soul.

About the artwork

In order to be open to imagining a new future, one must be able to free oneself of disinformation, propaganda, old habits, assumptions and deeply rooted prejudices.

The Station de la pleine conscience invites visitors to slow down and reset their state of mind.  

They will be offered a seat within a peaceful shelter where they can listen to previously recorded instructions. The recording may be accessed through YouTube by activating the QR codes posted on the inside of the wall (provided in both English and French). 

The Station acts as an emotional gateway to other approaches and other artistic visions on display in Reset exhibition.

At the end of their visit, the guests will be more receptive and better prepared to consider the issues that are crucial to humanity’s future.

Artist's artworks and activities

Mindfulness Station