Eva Clouard

Paris, France


Plastician french artist born in 1988, graduate of the superior school of art and design of the Havre and of the National superior school of decorative arts, Eva Clouard creates work that is poetic, absurd, repurposed and quirky. Her first exhibit in 2014 at the “Salon des Refuses” of the Palais de Tokyo has brought her luck: arising from it were multiple participations in artistic events. In 2015, she establishes herself for the first time in the digital scene with the exhibit “Montreal” organised by Art Souterrain. On the theme of surveillance in our contemporary society, she conceives an installation which makes it possible to geolocate her from her smartphone, while her itineraries are retransmitted on screens in real time.She has exposed individually and collectively in every corner of France, Belgium and in Montreal, to this day more than 20 exhibitions stake her young career.

Curator : Art Souterrain


Jean Fédelard


World Trade Centre Montreal

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Jean Fédelard