Élyse Brodeur-Magna

Montréal, Canada


A Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate from Concordia University majoring in sculpture, Élyse Brodeur-Magna lives and works in Montreal.

She assigns particular importance to materials and space. She explores the idea of emptiness as a means of striving for fullness mainly through sculpture and installation art.

Her pieces have been featured in various events and exhibitions in North Shore (Montreal), in Côte-Nord (Quebec), in Montreal, Toronto and in New York State (USA).

About the artwork

Un tout parallèle 

Within the philosophy of materialism, according to Lucretius and Epictetus, form may be defined as an enduring bond. 

As all atoms fall parallel to each other, if one should deviate from its trajectory and come into contact with another for a long enough amount of time, a new world will be born. 

Every mountain is an invitation to climb, a desire to reach a transcendent whole. This is an instant of tension — an uncertain equilibrium — before any major collision. All this in hope of a change of form. 

Artist's artworks and activities

Un tout parallèle