Amélie Jodoin

Montreal, Canada


Originally from Joliette, Amélie Jodoin completed a Bachelor’s in Visual and Media Arts at UQÀM, in 2016. She also holds a Bachelor’s in Set Design from the same university.

Amélie is interested in the transformation and modification of existing images, and addresses her environment and the art world with a playful vision. She creates fun and highly colourful universes. Painting is the dominant medium in her practice, and she uses collage for experimentation. Amélie distinguished herself throughout her studies, by being selected for student exhibitions, and receiving a scholarship awarded during the Passage à découvert (2016) exhibition at Galerie de l’UQAM. In 2017, she was a finalist for Montréal in the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series, presented at Duran Mashaal gallery. Amélie Jodoin lives and works in Montréal.

About the artwork

As a visual artist, I address my environment and the art world with a playful vision. The images and objects I create are characterized by black humour, sarcasm and absurdity. I am interested in the modification and transformation of existing images to create new compositions. I wish to elicit astonishment and surprise in the viewer. The trickster, mythical character who derives malicious pleasure out of disorienting the public, is a character I identify with.

Popular culture also constitutes an endless source of inspiration for my work. I enjoy using trivial everyday objects from the past or present, and presenting them in unexpected ways. I also use irony to comment on social phenomena or subjects that appear in the news. The painting medium enables me to construct futuristic, utopic, and polychrome universes characterized by geometric shapes, motifs and solid colours. Regardless of the subject, my surreal, playful and enigmatic images question the viewer.

Collage serves as a fertile hybrid process in the creation of my unexpected images. Much like the automatic writing techniques employed by the surrealists, collaging is a wonderful way for me to seek out the best combinations to produce objects that are strong and unique, and which will become the next subjects of a painting. My imagination is stimulated by the mobility of this synthesis process, which enables me to discover an infinite range of possibilities. Finally, to make my work even more enjoyable, the titles of my works are often plays on words, offering a second level of understanding.