Adam Basanta

Montréal , Canada


Using various media, Adam Basanta explores technological practices as representations of human, cultural, material and computing performances.
His works have been shown in galleries and institutions around the world since 2015. They are collected by both private individuals and public institutions. He has received numerous awards in Canada and internationally, such as the Prix Pierre-Ayot in 2018. He is currently represented by Ellephant Gallery in Montreal, Canada. He continues to be an active composer and performer of experimental music.

About the artwork

We are now living at time when we can easily access images like never before as a result of the abundance and continuing proliferation of digital images; however, we now also have at our disposal computing tools to classify this vast amount of visual data.

American Vista reacts to this by creating new digital works using public art pieces provided by large institutional collections.
Custom-developed mosaic preparation software is used to create tiny data group “tiles” which are then placed and reorganized on a virtual canvas. The result is a new panoptic picture.
While nature is collapsing under the repeated attempts made by humans to conquer her, the tradition of romantic panoramas and pastoral landscapes is reset.

Artist's artworks and activities

American Vista

Roundtable Discussion at the Château Dufresne