Activity The Mountain Moves While My Fingernails Grow


The artwork

The Mountain Moves While My Fingernails Grow

Installation, video and photograph, 2019

Sarah Wendt + Pascal Dufaux have collaboratively developed a conceptual and material process that is constantly being reinvented.

Their individual approaches coalesce to create an intuitive and emotional art piece that evokes the counterpoint, a musical term designating the melodic interaction of two conversing phrases resulting in the creation a new melody of which the sum is greater than the parts. Within Wendt and Dufaux’s practice, this principle acts like an open play framework that allows for the free exploration of the creative process behind sculpture and performance art.

Wanting to contribute to the re-enchantment of the world, their pieces express as much their own ruin, including that of the materials, objects and scenery used, as they hint at possible futures. Shared post-human experiences are questioned through (inter) actions with polymorphous objects whose sensory qualities captivate the spectator. Both utopian and survivor, the spectator participates in a colourful staging of sculptural and pictorial objects that act like so many recollections of moments in time.

Commissaire : Curator


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