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Balancing fact and fiction, Rebecca Marino’s work carefully constructs light-hearted attempts to objectify a personal interest in certain places and objects. This interest often stems from an ongoing fascination with cosmic perspective and the astronomical or scientific qualities of everyday life. By acknowledging and investing in what is often overlooked or disregarded, the artist hopes to reassign value.


The best available evidence

Photography, 2016

The Best Available Evidence was initially inspired by a found document compiled to prove the existence and legitimacy of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Using the aforementioned subject matter, this body of work was created as a light-hearted way to play with the idea of proof and to question personal thresholds of belief. What indicates reliability? Truth? These standards are dictated by the tug-of-war of desire and cynicism. By manipulating the vulnerabilities of various mediums and, most importantly, context, new implications arise and connections are made between the mundane and the remarkable.

“In many such cases we are not unbiased observers. We have an emotional stake in the outcome –perhaps merely because the borderline belief system, if true, makes the world a more interesting place; but perhaps because there is something there that strikes more deeply into the human psyche.” – Carl Sagan, Broca’s Brain: Reflections on the Romance of Science

Curator : Art Souterrain

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