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Tammy Salzl creates intermedia installations that link the collective turmoil of our interior lives to the changing global realities of our present times. Her creations draw on metaphor and engage multiple senses to question how we psychologically negotiate abstract notions and overwhelming emotions that often defy words, like mortality, shame and fear. The viewer is offered serene yet off-putting scenarios where deeper truths within human nature are revealed, and where tranquility gives way to curiosity and unease.


Making ready

Installation, 2015

Stories help us make sense of the world and understand who we are. Over time, they shift and transform as their subjective interpretations, coupled with an advancing society, turn metaphor into fact and fact into myth, leaving us with transmutable versions of truth. Making Ready invites viewers to explore a tranquil setting where deeper truths unfold through interaction. This installation shifts a seemingly quaint narrative, reminiscent of folklore and fairy tale, into a contemporary allegory. Engaging metaphor and multiple senses, it examines the social and natural changes in the world around us; encouraging the viewer to question the subjective truths and ingrained fallacies surrounding the natural world, human nature, society and our own relationship to storytelling in our time. Through the layering of factual experience and imagined scenarios, Making Ready translates dramatic moments of self-awareness and realization.

Curator : Joyce Yahouda

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