Activity La solution finale


The artwork

La solution finale

Video, 2019

Reset. Yes, resetting is necessary. But first, it might be wise stop for a moment, take a break and recharge. To connect. To breathe.

A moment of repose to better get moving again. Rest to reset.

This work is an invitation to sit down a bit on the letter E, the very one that marks the difference between the words REST and RESET. An opportunity to reflect on the drastic but essential changes we must carry out to reinitialize our way of life.

This piece is entirely composed of cardboard packaging. This ubiquitous material defines our times despite being accorded so little consideration as it is a cornerstone of the circulation of goods and the resulting sorry state our world finds itself in.

CONCEPTION AND FIXATION: the bottom parts of the letters are full while the rest is empty. This makes the structure both lighter and more stable. The whole is fixed to the ground with silicone so as to make it easier to remove the piece once it has been taken down.

Curator : Art Souterrain


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