Activity Horizon 2050 – Le Banquet


The artwork

Horizon 2050 – Le Banquet

Installation, 2016

Horizon 2050 – Le Banquet is a segment of a multifaceted artistic project presenting an image of the future through the prism of the dietary practices of the second half of the 21st century.

The whole is based on Jean-Roger Helmin’s work Nutrition in 2050, edited by the artists, a compilation of scientific hypotheses and data as well as prankish futurist speculations. Attesting of a severe reduction in access to food, Horizon 2050 takes the form of a BIG BANG SELF and Governmental Food Distribution Units (UDAG) as well as the laboratories of the International Commission to a star-studded market at the command of the elite (CICE).

Intended for these privileged few, Le Banquet showcases the consumption of insects or worms, a revival of ancestral practices, and of synthetic lab-made foods. In a context of a global governing system in the grips of exponentially growing economic disparity, it equally testifies to a preferential access to a range of more diverse, healthier and sophisticated resources than what most of the population can obtain.

Curator : Marie Perrault

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