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Sarah Thibault’s artistic practice is currently structured around ownership of the visual culture of power. Anarchist and feminist concerns as well as a marked interest for satire led her to use a stereotyped symbolism suggesting both the attraction and the absurdity of the powerful. She creates environments in which simple materials form the carcass of sculptural works and flashy installations, populated with references to interior decor and jewelry.


Garden party

Installation, 2017

The installation presented mixes representations of natural elements related to an exterior environment with those of an interior decor recalling the home. Expressing the desire to show off and to structure our living spaces for this purpose, this project offers an artificial nature satirically celebrating the powerful. The components of the piece are placed in such a way as to suggest a specific route to follow. The landscape thus created being a scene to stroll through, a view of the installation full or devoid of artifices can be seen depending on where you stand in the space. The idea of truth and illusion predominates in the work. The installation suggests on one side an orchestrated and beautified environment oscillating between a garden and a bourgeois living room, and on the other side the raw materials of which the scene is built. The set decor and its back side both being accessible, references to the theatre and staging become obvious. In the mode of satire, this installation is inspired by the presentation strategies of power to highlight its performative nature.

Curator : Art Souterrain


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