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Since 2007, Olivier Huet has been very involved in land art and “nature art”. He and his artist wife Margrit Neuendorf, working under the name “les Fujak”, participate in events and artistic residencies in France and abroad.
Their artistic approach reflects on natural and constructed landscapes and interventions in an urban context. Fictions are an important component of the current artistic practice.


f(R)ictions souterraines

Photography, 2018

f(R)ictions souterraines evokes the story of a vanished painting, a picture which, like L’île des morts by Arnold Böcklin or Jardin de la France by Max Ernst, inspired a lot of artists and fed debates, intrigues, and fictions among art specialists, historians and artists.
“Fictions”, because the original watercolor that disappeared was attributed to a pupil of Gustave Wappers, a Belgian painter who was born in Antwerp in 1803 and died in Paris in 1874. We present here a digital simulation … but did this picture really exist? Or, is its existence only proven because it has been elevated to the rank of a cult painting?
But also “frictions”, because there is a confrontation between the images and the texts. These texts were written by well-known authors and have a direct relationship with the underground world, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists: painters, writers, photographers, and performers…

Curator : Art Souterrain

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