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Vincent Lafrance’s artistic identity is largely rooted in the work of such artists as Marcel Gotlib and Georget Bernier (Professor Choron, Hara Kiri). From Time Life to Ricardo, the representation of folklore and cultures through this photographic genre interests Lafrance for its sociological depth and satirical potential.

These references highlight his love of satire and humour, the latter borrowing broadly from the language of advertising and the eye-catching processes of the mainstream press.


Cocktail conseil

Installation, 2018

Vincent Lafrance presents here the fictitious magazine Cocktail Conseil, which deals with our hedonistic love of alcohol and the culinary culture that accompanies it using derision and vulgarity. His colour photographs represent wines, cocktails and foods. The images are accompanied by brightly coloured text. These headlines announce the themes addressed inside the magazine using garish colours that possess a strange magnetism. The effect seems entrancing.

Lafrance plays amusedly with spectators to circumvent their perceptual habits. Cocktail Conseil may be seen as one magazine among so many others. The humour that interests Lafrance has a level of absurdity sometimes similar to real publications.

At the origin of this project is the observation of a new Quebecois cultural trait. Driven by a new collective aesthesia, today’s society values gastronomic erudition. This hedonistic field of knowledge now aims to be a substitute for literary, aesthetic or philosophical knowledge. We are seeking sophistication through our relationship with comestibles. It seems obvious to the artist that a cultural trend is as much responsible for this vibrancy as political will or tourism.

Curator : Joyce Yahouda


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