Victoria Block


A landscape painter and ceramic artist, Victoria Block pursued studies at York University in Toronto before graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Concordia University.

Since then, she has exhibited her work widely in both private and public collections around the world, most notably in Canadian embassies in China, Mexico, Zimbabwe and Guatemala. Her work is likewise on display in the House of Commons in Ottawa. 

The effect she creates is a tactile and sensual reflection of a natural world. Her ceramic pieces are always handmade and highly detailed. They are inspired by nature’s complex rhythms.

About the artwork

The entire installation consists of 108 ceramic lamps made from unglazed terracotta that has been sculpted and pierced. They represent the number of beads a mala (an Indian rosary) holds.  

The aim of Prière pour la planète is to hand down a world born from the crossing of a fragile coral reef and a galaxy. In this way, both the microcosm and the macrocosm are represented.   

The linking of this project with Eastern philosophy is interesting. Furthermore, working with clay is the most tangible expression of meditation.

Artist's artworks and activities

Prayer for the planet