Serge Marchetta

Montréal, Canada


Since obtaining his bachelor at the University of Quebec in Montreal in 1955, Serge Marchetta has participated in numerous exhibitions both solo and collectively in Montreal and elsewhere in Quebec, in Europe, and in the United States. He has additionally participated in artist residences in Europe, and in the United States, and has been a fellow of several foundations as well as the Conseil des arts et lettres of Quebec.

About the artwork

To explore the space with the line, may it be real or virtual, that is the challenge the artist has given himself through the works presented. The wire, as well as the line, allow for multiple associations, and the choice of colour increases them again. The categories meet : drawing in space becomes sculpture. Contemporary art abounds with these crossings of disciplines, which introduce new reflections and ways of doing things. Is the void in sculpture not as important as the volume ? Isn’t drawing in itself embroidery ?

Artist's artworks and activities

FOCUS Visit : Pascale Beaudet and Serge Marchetta

Assise 8

Assise 3

Variation 7

Variation 5