Rihab Essayh

Montréal, Canada


Born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1992, Rihab Essayh is a multidisciplinary Canadian artist based in Montreal, Canada. She obtained my BFA at Concordia University in Montreal in 2017.

She has a research-based practice exploring various subject matters and mediums through the search of sense of wonder. Essayh address the theme of hiraeth (in Welsh, meaning a particular feeling of homesickness and nostalgia), futuristic living and interpersonal relationships in works of fiction.

About the artwork

Essayh’s art-making process often starts with a need for resolving or translating an issue occurring in her personal life. The initial thought is transformed through a research-based methodology, seeking to enrich her knowledge and to find all the possibilities or investigate the wide field of connection, while staying in a contemporary point of view.

Materials are an important component of Rihab Essayh’s art making, she experiments with various mediums to find which might depict the subject more effectively. She works with drawing, fiber, projections, and installations. Essayh is interested to find more enticing materials that seem progressive in assemblage and which offer a sense of moving forward. She seeks to trigger an ambivalent feeling in the viewer with a blend of personal, analytic and universal.

Photo credit : SaabVison