Milutin Gubash

Montréal, Canada


It is impossible identify Milutin Gubash’s work with a specific medium as his highly multidisciplinary practice plays with narrative codes of video, sculpture, photography as much as performance.

Gubash does not hesitate to alter a fact in order to make it the underlying reality of his subjects and themes more credible, understandable. The artist exacerbates the issues of memory by deploying a set of family stories that constantly intertwines facts and fiction, past and present, idealization and historical acuity, building over time a real, serious and amazing saga. Having immigrated to Canada as a young child, Gubash has continued to build a relationship with his native country, through his parents’ stories of their life in Serbia, intensive research, and his own imaginings to fill in the gaps.

With humor and intelligence, the artist addresses ideas of authenticity and perceptions of cultural, political and social identities. He highlights the contradictions of our capacity to construct a sense of identity whether it is through his large scale black and white photographs of Monuments to Communists, his “lamps-sculptures” created in collaboration with his family still in Serbia, or through the episodes of the DIY sitcom soap-opera reality show Born Rich Getting Poorer, which predicted by a couple of years our current selfie-driven culture of continuously updated autobiographical constructions.

Milutin Gubash’s work has been widely exhibited throughout Canada, United States and Europe since 2000, including solo exhibitions at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, the Art Gallery of Alberta and Muzej Vojvodina in Serbia among others. His video work has been shown in France, Germany, Spain, England and Mexico. A Canada-wide series of unique exhibitions in six prominent institutions was recently completed, surveying various aspects of his last ten years of practice. This ambitious series of exhibitions culminated with the publication of a monograph in 2013.

Curator : Art Souterrain


Recreating a moment in 2008, when I encountered a monument constructed near Podgarić (Croatia)


Palais des congrès de Montréal

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Recreating a moment in 2008, when I encountered a monument constructed near Podgarić (Croatia)