Michèle Lapointe

Montréal, Canada


Michèle Lapointe was born in Montreal where she still lives and works. Since 1986, she realised many works aimed at integrating art to architecture and environment, as well as individual and group exhibitions. Her work has been presented in Canada, United States, South Korea, Belgium and France. In 2018, she received the Jean-Marie Gauvreau prize, a very important recognition for fine crafts in Quebec. Her artworks are part of many public collections.

About the artwork

Michèle Lapointe is a seasoned glass artist, also working with photography, lost objects and other materials to elaborate complex and fascinating installations imbued with bittersweet reminiscence of childhood. Glass recipients gather doll heads as mock scientific exams, the pillows get glassy and transform into morphing surfaces for the video: the unattainable search for the truth of the past is materialised by those vain attempts. The plastic wealth of the materials, the melancholy and the poetic spirit that animate the artworks provide a one-of-a-kind and moving experience to the audience.

Photo credit : René Rioux

Artist's artworks and activities

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