Mathieu Valade

Chicoutimi, Canada


Mathieu Valade lives and works in Chicoutimi where he teaches sculpting and drawing in the heart of UQAC. His work has previously been presented at the MAC VAL (Paris), at the Quebec National Museum of Fine arts, as well as in many centers, galleries and scope events in Canada, Brazil, the United-States, France, Spain, Greece and Sweden. Valade considers that art proceeds from the fireworks, in that the image, as a sculptural object, doesn’t have one single and unique meaning: they are built through the spectator’s eye and psyche. As such, Valade’s works suggest taking this interpretive leap (he makes us open drawers, penetrate into the piece, or simply makes us look into the mirrors reflecting the objects created by the artist, completing this same piece).

About the artwork

This polyptich video presents black and white animations by Gertrude Stein and Marcel Duchamp. Taken from two emblematic photography portraits in contemporary art, these characters, having spent a few seconds completely still, start gently giggling until they are bursting in laughter. They then calm down and get back to their initial positions. The loop can then start anew. This piece tries to shift our perspectives on iconic and deadpan contemporary art characters. In other words, the artist encourages us to rethink art history, that offers only an incomplete and very partial reading of the facts. Valade suggests completing this reading with a thunderous laughter, adding to the story a life-saving fantasy.