Clara Couzino

Montreal, Canada


Clara Couzino is an artist whose work embodies a myriad of mediums including photography, sculpture, installations and performance. She interprets images as paper trails of past actions and spatial hijacking undertakings.

In 2018, she graduated from Concordia University with a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts, with Sculpture as her major. That same year, she was among the winners of the BMO 1st Art! competition. Her work has been exhibited at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery (Toronto), the General Hardware Contemporary Gallery (Toronto), the Art Mûr Gallery (Montreal), the FOFA Gallery (Montreal) and within several other group exhibitions. Clara Couzino was born in Quebec City and now lives and works in Montreal.

About the artwork

Fostering a multidisciplinary artistic practice, Clara Couzino embraces an approach through which the notion of mediums —present or absent— is lost. She explores the home environment and the commanding symbolism of the objects that make up its space. The body is her primary focus; it immerses itself most often within the world of intimacy. Her work portrays Clara’s great interest in the limits and wholeness of mediums. An ongoing play between 2D and 3D blurs the viewer’s perception. She manipulates the elements that make up her images through a game of hiding, concealing and exchanging roles. The object takes on the role of a character and vice versa. The body is downplayed to the status of an object through anonymity and an often dehumanizing aestheticization. The result: a fluorescent dialogical kinship between the body and objects. Her work’s neutral tones highlight the uniqueness of the silhouettes, eliminating any trace of remembrance as accumulation and repetition conceal the useful function. Clara Couzino envisions the final form of her work as images that speak for past actions, physical installations and spatial hijacking undertakings through which the mundane becomes strange by means of aestheticization.

Photo credit : Alexis Couzino