Camille Lescarbeau

Montreal, Canada


Camille Lescarbeau is an eco-feminist artist living and working in Montreal.

She completed a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and Art History at Concordia University and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Visual and Media Arts at UQAM. She has participated in several group exhibitions in Quebec, such as Galerie AVE, Galerie Perchée and Galerie FOFA.

Influenced by a background in dance and art history, Lescarbeau orients her practice around laborious and physical processes. Her romantic vision of matter guides her approach, while feminist discourses in art history have informed her posture as an artist-artisan. These discourses have led her to reject the dichotomy between arts and crafts. Thus, she alternates freely between installation, poetry and textiles.

About the artwork

La matière se souviendra (de moi) (2020-2022)

La matière se souviendra (de moi) is a work based on the artist’s commitment to valuing craft and care, two activities that generally go unnoticed because of their association with women.

Lescarbeau uses craft skills to transform waste materials into paper and, in so doing, embodies through her gestures an approach to matter that is defined by care. Like a painter mixing her colours before working on her canvas, she transforms waste into paper pulp. Wishing to respect the object, she does not add any pigment. Instead, the colours of the papers come from the fibres. She then glues her paper pulp into large sheets, using a layering process.

The result looks like abstract paintings. La matière se souviendra (de moi) makes visible this attention to “obsolete” things, to “lost” time and to “unproductive” craft gestures.


1500 Avenue Atwater
Room S14A
Residence completed

Photo : Camille Dubuc