Activity Transient states of matter (Iterations / interventions)



There is, in the path between the unknown and the understood, in the encounter between reality and fiction, something like a promise of pleasure.
Her work reveals an interest in arts, science, and technology as tools for creating, documenting, and experiencing various natural phenomena that typically escape our sensory perception.


Transient states of matter (Iterations / interventions)

Photography, 2018

Although the invention of the photographic medium may have been motivated by a desire to immortalize the observable world, it took very little time in the nineteenth century before the idea of using this process to probe the invisible emerged. The idea that there was a whole other world indiscernible to the naked eye that could be studied through technology began to flourish. It is in a similar spirit that her practice is developing today, on the borderline between the tangible and the immaterial, the real and the improbable.
The project that is presented here, composed of images suggesting evanescent polychromatic landscapes, are drawn from a larger series of polyptyques reflecting a long-term investigation around the interactions between light and matter.
These images, which cultivate ambiguity, evoke the natural world as much as scientific or computer generated imagery, while being derived from neither one nor the other. Resulting from simple optical processes and direct observation, these images are more akin to hand-made or trompe-l’oeil techniques than to advanced technology, thus putting emphasis on this disjunction that has occurred, with constant technological improvements, between documented knowledge and the immediacy of lived experiences.

Curator : Art Souterrain


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