Activity Perfect Skin (Remix)


The artwork

Perfect Skins

Installation, 2018
In collaboration with : Gregory Chatonsky

Consisting of sculptural arrangements of ceramics, castings, images and found objects, Dominique Sirois’ installations blend artisanal know-how with a critical approach to technology regarding its economic, esthetic, archeological and mineralogical dimensions.

This presentation involves investigating a prospective past of the future promised by technology, concerning most particularly the representations of faces, bodies and skins, which have today exploded on social media. Things are progressing as if these images could be compiled into some kind of map of a collective body, both seeker and sought. The artist is, moreover, interested in this emotional side of desire and adopts an approach analogous to behavioural economics, focusing on the place of the desiring gaze in relation to material possessions and wealth.

In the spirit of memento mori or vanitas, the esthetics of the ruin are equally used here as a means of reflecting on the fleeting nature of objects and images. The way they change over time is likewise a recurring motif in Sirois’s work.

Curator : Marie Perrault


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