Activity Portrait de Sa Numinescence


Artistic approach

Céline B. La Terreur is a feminist artist who is interested in social phenomena that reveal the condition and affirmation of women. Sensitive to the political and psychological dimensions, she explores feminine aspirations and fantasies and their links to femininity, power, freedom and masculinity.

Her work uses various subversive strategies including social engagement, humor, excess, satire, derision, irreverence and sometimes resort to symbols and romantic codes, sometimes to female representations from the popular musical or television culture. In this, the artist refers as much to the beginning of 19th century feminism as to some of its recent manifestations in contemporary culture.

While Céline B. La Terreur’s work captures the claim of the rights of women and the most vulnerable in society and the progressive affirmation of their identity, it is nonetheless a form of bittersweet commentary on a world where women and victims of violence often still face misunderstanding, injustice and inequality.

– Pierre Dion

The artwork

Portrait de Sa Numinescence

Photography, 2017

Since 2004, Céline B. La Terreur has carried out a photographic exploration of female
stereotypes. This work is still ongoing and is a long-term performative process.

Photo credit : Richard-Max Tremblay


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