Activity Module de survie


The artwork

Module de survie

Installation, 2014-2018

Module de survie is an architectural installation offering the visitor an opportunity of discovering the potential form an ecological zoomorphic modular habitat could take, which would allow each person to live autonomously in a future where food and energy resources are limited.

In the spirit of the earthship concept (based on the ideas of recycling and self-sufficiency), this module is a projection, imagined by Corbeil as a sculptor, of a home that can produce the food, filtered water and gas needed for domestic use. The installation simulates a “technologically green” habitat as an egg-shaped greenhouse — using translucent hexagonal panels — in which living and food production areas are combined.

Concerned for a number of years by the rapid rate of change imposed on nature by human actions, Daniel Corbeil has sought to testify as to its impact through the prism of the environmental sciences and through the use of green technologies in architecture.

The viewer alone must determine if the artist’s playful eco-fiction is utopian or dystopian.

Curator : Marie Perrault


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