Activity I am fine, I am good, I am happy.


The artwork

I am fine, I am good, I am happy.

Installation, 2016

The work I am fine, I am good, I am happy. is a metaphorical work.

Paper containing preprinted text has been inserted into a normal printer; yet, the paper will loop, again and again. The cycle perpetually repeats, but the printer is not working normally.

The entire text can be read; however, because it has been written using a computer, one cannot actually “read” the emotion it conveys. This work is as such a reflection of how difficult it is to read our true emotions in this technological age.

The printer keeps the paper moving, but the longer the paper turns, the more it deteriorates under the pressure continuously exerted by the mechanisms.

We want to tell ourselves — and others — that we are happy. We lie to ourselves until we hit a wall.

Presented by : Galerie Ellephant
With the support of : Hong Kong Arts Development Council

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