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Artistic approach

“As an artist, my job is to tell stories, mostly about what is not revealed to the eye but who lives in our daily reality. Especially those emotions, events and situations that have been kept hidden or secret because of social norms and conditioning. In my art, I explore the secret, the silence and the way in which art can become a revelation tool, and as a result, educate the public and the artist.”

The artwork


Installation, print, 2008

Genderpoo is an ongoing project that uses bathroom signs to question the society’s norms of “normal” and socially imposed categories. It started in 2008 as a project challenging the social division of the man / woman, using the toilets as metaphors for the western binary social system of the genre. Soon after the beginning, it evolved into a more ambitious and complex project where a multiplicity of non-“normal” compliant experiences is presented, extending the question of “normality” to race, abilities, sexual orientation, political opinions, life experiences, etc., and also imaginary characters.

Genderpoo is an immersive installation composed of a continuous number of vector drawings (more than 80 at the moment) covering the walls of toilets and other exhibition spaces, inviting the public to think (and in some cases to create their own signs ) about their identity and how they belong or not to society.


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