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By allying synthetic materials and common technologies to natural elements, Diane Gougeon reproduces artificial changes of state associated to phenomenons like the transformation of water in ice, the percolation of the air through a membrane and the iridescence of the light at the origin of the rainbows. She also addresses connections between the technological universe we created the nature we stem from, notably the meditation of real and the impact of our way of life on the environment.


Désenchantement/À quatre voix

Installation, 2019

This project develops a reflexion initiated by Disenchantment / diane’s rainbow presented at the Exhibition center Plein sud in 2013 where Diane Gougeon recreated a device causing the iridescence of light, accompanied by the projection of a blog where people are seen debating the veracity of a picture showing a rainbow emerging from a highway in California.
The perception of the rainbow depends on our position in space. Physical rules are defining the phenomenon. Perceived frontally, depending on the angle in relation to the sun it is always moving with us. We can never get close to it. Many bloggers mentioned however to have walked to the foot of a rainbow and testify of the happiness that they felt.
In the present video installation, Diane Gougeon returns on this amazing report to the real expressed in the blog integrated to its previous installation. Comedians are announcing texts expressing different point of views, mixing scientific knowledge and personal beliefs, scepticism in the face of science and primacy of opinions on proven facts, an example of the blurred frontier between truth and false, and a testimony of a credibility crisis.

Curator : Art Souterrain

Conseil des arts du Canada

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